Fred The Mouse

A Harlem Born Little Mouse, loves his Mom, Sister & Learning. Fred enjoys Science and Games

Fred the Mouse Adventures

About Fred

Fred the mouse, was rescued near 125th Street by Maria, a civil engineer walking the subway tunnels while doing an inspection and saw a baby mouse in a glue trap. Maria, disagrees with the use of glue traps, because creates a slow and painful dead, she took the baby mouse to humane society, and asked her friend Lowe, to help. The mouse looked tired, and unresponsive while glued to his paws and side, he was probably tired and sick because he had been glued for days without food or water. Lowe, who loves all the animals, took the baby mouse to one of the veterinarians friend on the 5th floor of the Humane Society, and gave him medical attention. The little mouse was very weak, but the veterinarian was able to save him, removed the glue trap and hydrated the little guy. The little mouse was still weak and will require two weeks of care because it could not walk well as had lost the skin in of the paws while removing the glue. So the next day Lowe, called Maria, and told what the doctor told him, "he will have to wait for the skin to grow back before it can be released". The baby mouse needed attention to get better and Maria took him to her Morningside Apartment, to start the healing process.

At home she used soft wool balls to make a temporary bed, and used dropper to fed and cared for the baby mouse. For almost two weeks Maria and the baby mouse did not separate other than for work, even took it to Riverside Park while walking Mathilda, her sweet and loving 13-year-old yorkie, who sat next to the mouse while Maria was at work. Three of them enjoy nature, classical music, and fun dinners. Two weeks of the care and love heal the baby mouse, and Maria decided to take him back to the tunnel where he found it, perhaps because she thought his mom may be still around looking for him. She placed the mouse on the floor after saying her goodbyes, and started to walk towards the exits, but when she turned around to see if he had left, she found the baby mouse had followed her back to the exit. The baby mouse was so small and Maria knew then, if she left him behind, he would get hurt again, so she took him back home and officially adopted the little mouse, whom she named, Fred. So here you will learn the adventures of Fred the Mouse with his new mom, Maria and Mathilda.

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Fred Likes Acting

Maria, Fred's mom, got him costumes for Fred to play classic literature. Fred's favorite is Hamlet, Prince of Denmark by William Shakespare.

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Fred and Mathilda do Treasure Hunt

Fred and Mathilda, love doing Treasure Island, as pirates and like the original novel by Robert Louis Stevenson , they search for the "buccaneers and buried gold" in Fred's and Mathildas hunt the gold are toys

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Pilot Prince from his Asteroid!

A tender tale of loneliness, friendship, love, and loss, in the form of a young prince visiting Earth, Mathilda plays the fox, a great way of learning human nature by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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Laying on the Grass

Fred Loves grass, how it feels in his feets, the smell and color, he likes to lay on the grass while he looks at the sky

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Fred Loves Taking Horse Rides

Fred's Mom gave him Knitting Wool Balls, Freds loves making a horse with them.

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Build a Climbing Wall with Knitting Wool Balls

Fred loves climbing a wall he builds with, Knitting Wool Balls and also hides behind

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